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Why Newspaper.
Newspapers are a highly sought after form of advertising due to their long-standing service to the market area, creating credibilty. Consumers respond to messages placed within content they already trust - making newspapers the ideal place for a product/company to gain credibility, as well as gain consumer trust. Additionally, newspapers capture an engaged audience - it is far more difficult to multi-task while reading and you can't "walk away" during an ad break!
Newspapers Ads
These days you could buy a new car with what newspapers are charging for ad space, but not when you purchase through USN Media! We know the ins and outs of the newspaper advertising business and are experts in negotiating ad costs that will allow you to maintain an ongoing campaign in the newspaper.
Let our professional Graphic Design team create an ad that will get noticed! In the busy newspaper pages your ad will stand out amongst the crowd. USN Media knows how to build an ad that will grab attention and entice the reader to ACT! Just give us your message and we will do the rest!
Don't know where to begin with newspapers? That's where we come in. USN Media can guide you into a perfect newspaper campaign. From run day, to section, to ad size and frequency USN Media will help you create a media plan that fits your budget and goes after your target market.

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